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Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster has had 20 years experience in swim teaching. During her years of  teaching she has worked with a wide variety of people ranging from babies to adults. Jackie has been hands on in most of her projects and always takes the time to understand what it is that each individual needs.

During her time she has managed pools, supervised staff and worked on some large projects including; the New Zealand Police  "Dare Programme". Before starting the skillz4life program she was the schools Coordinator for the Millennium Institute of Sport & Health. In this role she looked after all areas, dry land/water based activities for all programs within the primary, Intermediate and Colleges. Additionally, she worked for the North Shore Leisure Centre's where she was picked for her ongoing achievements and chosen to go on the spirit of adventure leadership program. Jackie says "This  was an amazing opportunity and has strengthened me in so many ways". Jackie is bubbly, enthusiastic and passionate about everything she does and loves the challenge of working with small children.

Our core water safety message

"There can be no argument learning to swim is a core life skill required by all New Zealanders. Those who think because they don’t participate in any form of aquatic recreation and therefore don’t need to learn to swim are mislead in their view. As a nation we should all learn to swim, more than half of all drownings that occur in our country are non-recreational based.

Our Services

The skillz4life swimming programs main focus is assisting kids to learn to swim. It also works towards achieving physical education and health curriculum objectives. Teaching the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes needed to educate and enhance personal health and physical development. Programs include specialized skilled instruction, using fully qualified teachers at all times. All students will benefit and all students can participate regardless of their swimming ability. We are flexible. No obligation – We work with you and your students. We negotiate, terms, dates and times that work for you. We cater for all year levels.

Why should children learn to swim?

Children who learn to swim at a young age have many doors opened for them. For one, they're able to spend time with their friends who like to swim and participate in this activity alongside them, having fun and getting necessary exercise to expend energy and prevent health problems. Children who learn to swim at a young age develop a sense of confidence and achievement; they were able to learn to swim, something not everyone can do. They gain the mentality that if they can do this, they can learn other new skills as well. Finally, children who learn to swim at a young age learn a skill of survival that could prove to be very, very important in their life.