We bring the coach and equipment to your pool or teach you to swim in the sea.

Swimming & Water Safety in Schools

New Zealand is a Country surrounded by Coastlines. Bringing awareness of swimming & water safety to all children is a must.

The skillz4life swimming programs main focus is assisting kids to learn to swim. It also works towards achieving physical education and health curriculum objectives. Teaching the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes needed to educate and enhance personal health and physical development. Programs include specialized skilled instruction, using fully qualified teachers at all times. All students will benefit and all students can participate regardless of their swimming ability. Also this Programme is a win win situation for parents, teachers & most of all students. Children being taught during the day at School so parents don't have to worry about rushing or waiting on waiting lists at swim schools. A lot less money to pay, students get qualified swim, water safety teachers to teach, this also takes the strain off the school teachers, all students are assessed and put into the appropriate level for us to get the best out of each individual.