Salvestrol Information

What are Salvestrols

Salvestrols cannot be made in the body. They have to be supplied through our diet and to date, herbalists have identified Salvestrols in many organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is estimated that our modern diet contains 10 – 20% of the Salvestrols that it did 100 years ago.(Click here to read more about our modern diet)

Salvestrols act as a natural rescue mechanism, ensuring our cells function correctly

  •    They target diseased cells
  •    They are part of our everyday diet and always have been, so they are entirely safe
  •    They are not antioxidants
  •    They are natural compounds found in fruit, vegetables and herbs
  •    They are now grossly deficient in our diet


Believing that a simple shift in diet may not have been enough for those fighting an active disease or for those at risk, Professor Potter and Herbalist Anthony Daniels researched the idea of a food supplement.

Through his worldwide contacts, Anthony sourced large volumes of organic fruit and pioneered a unique method of extracting and isolating Salvestrol from the thousands of other compounds.

Due to the success of this extraction, the proprietary brand name “Salvestrol” was born under the company “Natures Defence” making it possible to take Salvestrol as a food supplement in the fight towards better health.


For a number of reasons it is very unlikely to get sufficient intake of Salvestrol from modern foods. Even with a solely organic diet, there is no guarantee of adequate levels, as many modern fruit and vegetable varieties are low in Salvestrol. Differing food-growing locations, food growing methods and whether the food was fully ripe at harvest all have an effect.

Salvestrols are mostly found in the skin, peel or rind of fruit and vegetables and in the modern diet, this is the part of the fruit or vegetable least appealing and often not eaten. Many of the modern varieties of fruit and vegetables have been bred to be less bitter and this has meant that the often bitter salvestrol component has been reduced or removed.


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