We bring the coach and equipment to your pool or teach you to swim in the sea.

Mobile Coaching

  • We cater for all ages (yes adults too), ability's and learning styles.
  • We run amazing swimming programmes for school's in their school pools.
  • You can have a one on one lesson or get a group of friends together and have your own private group lesson.
  • You can have a one off lesson to get you to the next level or have a series of lessons.
  • Our coaches are experienced and love teaching swimming and survival skills.
  • The areas we work in are North Shore and Rodney district.


One on One lessons.

You can choose from 30, 45 or 60min lessons. One on one lessons are great because the instructor can focus the lesson on exactly what you need/want to learn.

People often find one on one lessons useful if they have a particular skill they would like to master such as Diving, Tumble turns, Breaststroke kick, Sea swimming, Freestyle breathing or Freestyle technique.

People also find one on one lessons useful if they have reached a plateau in learning, are stuck and no longer improving as quickly as they would like.


Create your own group

Maybe you have a friend or group of friends who are a similar ability as you could have your own private group lesson. 



One off Lessons

  • 30mins $50
  • 45mins $70
  • 60mins $85

Group Lessons

  • Max - 2 people
  • 30min $60
  • 45min $80
  • 60mins $90

Series of 4 Lessons

  • 4 x 30mins $180
  • 4 x 45mins $260
  • 4 x 60mins $320