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I have worked alongside Jackie for two years, each of which Jackie brought the Skillz4Life programme in to Hobsonville School to provide students with quality swimming lessons.
I have experienced and can validate her hard working and professional approach to her swim teaching programme and business. Jackie has many years of swim teaching experience, as well as managing the business.
This is evident in the professional and well structured lessons that I have personally seen her coach. I can confirm her knowledge in the area is great.
Jackie has very high expectations of her staff and they too have demonstrated an excellent understanding of swim coaching and teaching and have provided lessons of great value.

Jackie is a punctual and clear communicator and has met with myself and teachers to organise and structure lessons and programmes to meet both students and teachers needs. She has professionally and efficiently communicated with parents, and solves problems and issues in a timely matter.

- SARAH LEE (Sports Coordinator Hobsonville Primary)

Our son has significant sensory issues associated with his ASD. One being that he finds cold water very difficult. For the past three years, his school have received the ten swimming lessons from Skillz4Life. At first, we had a struggle getting him into the water as the pool is outside and unheated. He would have meltdowns, refuse to get in and take up to 20 minutes to slowly get himself into the water. I explained the situation to Jackie at the very first lesson and she was very understanding. Jackie and her instructors have been patient, supportive and have done their best to make him feel comfortable. Now he only takes five minutes to get used to the water and participates fully in Skillz4Life’s lessons. Jackie and your team, a huge thank you for being so amazing and supportive towards his special needs. Life is hard with a special needs child and your help and understanding made things much easier.


Since you have been involved in our aquatics progamme the students have gained a great deal of confidence and skills in the water. Parents have been particularly commenting on the progress their children are making. We have had many positive comments from students, parents and teachers about the smooth organisation of the programme and in particular the friendly and encouraging attitude that you and your fellow colleagues portray. I would like to thank you on behalf of Cambells Bay School for undertaking our aquatics programme and managing the sessions so competently and skilfully.


Skillz4Life have been contracted to provide swim and survival lessons under the Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan (GAAAP) for the past 4 years in the West Auckland region.

They have been responsible for delivering 10 lessons each year to year 3-6 students in three decile 1-6 schools.
During that time, Skillz4Life have ensured a professional approach to their delivery with good communication to the schools and quality lessons provided.
We would certainly use Skillz4Life as a provider of lessons in the future.

- PAULINE BUTT (Sport Waitakere Regional GAAAP Coordinator)

Harbour Sport has had an extremely positive working relationship with Skillz4Life since 2013. Jackie and her team have delivered swimming lessons in many of our schools through the Greater Auckland Aquatics Action Plan which aims to provide students from low decile schools in the Harbour Region with swimming lessons every year.
The feedback we hae received from schools they work with have been consistently positive, in both the quality of their lessons and administrative capabilities.

- JENNY LIM (Sport Capability Project Manager - Harbour Sport)